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Custom staircase solutions are the focus of our business.  We specialize in all types of staircase and railing installations.  Having served the industry for over 10 years, we recognize the shift in design requirements and building materials.  We seek to provide green solutions for finishing and other staircase installation materials.  

SI Custom Creations prides itself on a lasting commitment to service our customers with a quality product.  Every project will receive the same high quality service whether it be a small renovation or a multi staircase home. 

If you are looking for a beautiful staircase installation, allow us to offer consultation and design to achieve your ideal solution.  We use the latest laser technology and 3d drawings to represent the beauty of your idea before its even built.  

From traditional decorative iron railings to seamless glass railings and floating staircases, SI Custom Creations is committed to providing you the staircase and railing installation you dream of. 

The vision is clear: High quality, high level of service, no compromise.

 - Scott Inman, CEO